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Rainbow Trout Carving
Fish Carvings


Imagine having the beauty of a rainbow or brown trout in your home as a magnificently carved work of art by Randy Whitney. His ability to reach perfection by his attention to detail will amaze you. This is wood carving at its finest. We all know that our lives are made fuller by spending time in the outdoors. So, why not bring the outdoors into your home? With a master wood carving by Randy Whitney, you are instantly transported to your favorite spot, reminding you of that wonderful time spent with your family or friends. These works of art will constantly bring to mind many happy memories.


Carving in process

The Carvings
This innovative artist has developed a painting style and carving method appreciated by many fishermen and art collectors. When Randy begins a carving, the first thing he considers is the wood. Only the finest kiln-dried sugar pine and tupelo will do for a Trout Creek carving. From his large supply of wood, Randy chooses only the finest pieces. The size of the sugar pine is also a consideration, since the body of each fish is carved out of a single piece of wood. Each finely crafted and detailed fin is carved by hand, and then sculpted back into the main body so that it retains the structural integrity and look of a single unit, while lending itself to incredible detail not found on other carvings. The realism found in these carvings extends down to the smallest fin rays, and the use of glass eyes.

Randy with a limited edition Rainbow Trout carving

To excel as an aquatic carver, one must first have experience studying the habits and movement of the trout one is carving to be able to fully capture the subtle nuances of the creature. Having been a fisherman since the days of his youth, and now a professional guide in Northern California, Randy is intimately acquainted with every feature and variation that these fish exhibit. This gives him the ability to vary his carvings based on the differences that exist in nature. To be a truly outstanding carver, one also needs experience and God-given talent as an artist and craftsmen. Randy is the consummate artist, as evidenced by his incredibly realistic carving and painting methods. He is a master craftsman who has been working with wood for the past 27 years.

Trout Creek Wood Carvings offers a variety of different art works. The most popular are the limited edition Rainbow and Brown Trout carvings. Limited to only 80 carvings of each, every carving is signed and numbered by artist Randy Whitney. Both the Brown and the Rainbow Trout carvings are 23" in length and are available in either desk mount or wall mount styles. In addition to the limited edition series, Trout Creek completes commissioned one-of-a-kind carvings for the collector interested in something even more personal. You can even have these carvings patterned after a photograph or measurements taken from a fish that you have caught in the past. This can be a wonderful way to preserve the memory of a beautiful fish that you caught and then released, a fishing practice that Trout Creek supports and encourages.

Randy with a custom rainbow trout carving

Limited Edition 23" Rainbow Trout (hen, buck and steelhead versions available)
Wall Mount...$995
Desk Mount...$1195

Limited Edition 23" Brown Trout
Wall Mount...$995
Desk Mount...$1195

One-of-a-kind commissioned carvings (available from 8" to 32" in length)
Individually quoted

Custom cases are available for all limited edition and commissioned carvings
Individually quoted

To become a proud owner of one of these wonderful pieces of artwork, please contact Trout Creek Wood Carvings for the name of the nearest Gallery or other fine dealer in your area.

"It's nice to go home after a day of fishing and carve a memory!"

Brown Trout CarvingRainbow Trout Carving Randy Whitney's Guide Service, Smith River California
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